The Family Program

Participating in the Family Counseling helps family members to begin their healing process.

The Family Program also focuses on restoring trust in families by developing new and healthier communication patterns between chemically dependent people and their loved ones. Our goal is to help families heal and grow together making life satisfying, meaningful and rewarding. Chico Recovery Center will schedule individual and couples sessions as part of the treatment process.  

Recovery in an outpatient setting means more time with family and the ability to maintain employment while in treatment. While inpatient treatment is needed for some people, most of our clients find the prospect of being separated from family and employment is overwhelming and inconvenient. For the right individual, an uninterrupted work schedule and the support of family is the best choice to begin their journey into recovery. Any extended effort by a family to cope with Chemical Dependency may be as painful to them as Chemicals/ Alcohol is to the addict. The family's total pre-occupation with the addict/ alcoholics problems and survival prevents their own personal growth and the development of self-identity. Their life is structured around coping with the behavior of the addict and the family becomes as addicted emotionally to the addict as the addict is to chemicals. The family often fails to care for their own physical needs and develop stress induced illness.

The purpose of Family Counseling is to provide an opportunity to educate loved ones about chemical dependence in the process while living with a newly recovering family member. Family counseling with a certified addiction counselor will provide educational components as well as Family Counseling. Participation in Al-Anon or with a LCSW/LMFT is encouraged while primary clients attend the 12 week IOP.